14 Oct 2013

Software Developer Engineer 13000WES

Job Description


  • Interlocking with marketing, Server hardware teams to understand the scope of future releases, change requests and customer issues to address in the storage management product.
  • Offering impact analysis on our products from new technologies, competition / vendor changes.
  • Participate in architectural and design reviews during concept and development phases.
  • Participate in engineering reviews to ensure engineering process rigor during development.
  • Working with Product Marketing to define Engineering Requirements for storage management product.
  • Scoping for any new release: Risk assessment, resource/size estimation, identifying all dependencies, etc.
  • Technical guidance to development team on any evaluation, feasibility study or prototyping activity.
  • Assisting development manager in technical mentorship of the team members.
  • Providing technical guidance to junior developers in the team.
  • Actively participating in all design and code review sessions within the team.
  • Conducting training sessions on the server management product and new feature additions to test / product sales teams.
  • Keep abreast of and contribute towards emerging server management standards in the industry.


  • Extensive working experience of programming in C/C++ either Linux or Windows environments.
  • Experience working on Systems Management Software, Layered application development, third party libraries, and development & debug tools.
  • Experience working with vendors on technical aspects including interfacing to vendor libraries.
  • Knowledge of one or more of Systems Management standards like WS-MAN, SMASH, SMI-S, Microsoft SCOM, etc.
  • Knowledge of Servers and/or PC architecture required.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

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